Using Garcinia Cambogia and Superfruit Diet for Weight Loss

Doctor Oz has been one of the leading experts in terms of fat loss today, which is why he was sure to let everyone know about buying garcinia cambogia. He has a list of foods that he recommends to all of his patients that are trying to lose weight. These combination of foods have been coined the “Superfruit Diet” as they are fruits that will be sure to aide you in amazing fat loss.
 Together they easily make up some of the best diet pills on Amazon.

African Mango

This fruit is one of the best ways to curb your late night hunger cravings. As we all know, late night snacking is one of the main problems in fat loss.

- Acai Berry. This berry is full of antioxidants that help clean your body of toxins and waste that may be built up. People are shocked at how much weight they lose by getting rid of excess waste in their bodies.

- Green Coffee Extract. This is an amazing supplement in that it prevents the body from storing fat. This means your body flushes the fat out and keeps you from putting on extra weight.

- Raspberry Ketone.

Doctor Oz has recently added this to the list of Superfruit Diet foods. This is a drug that works with the body in order to prevent fat from being stored, much like the green coffee extract.

Fat Loss Explained

Doctor Oz recommends trying these foods, but not to be tricked. He has always exclaimed how fat loss is a numbers game and still requires hard work. He recommends finding your BMR rate (Basal Metabolic Rate) and subtracting that number by 500. The BMR rate is the amount of calories you can eat and stay the same weight. If you add calories to this number, you gain weight, if you subtract calories, you lose weight. Also adding in exercise will even increase fat loss. The addition of these foods will help you stay full while burning off fat.

Is This Diet For You?

Doctor Oz has stated that this garcinia cambogia diet is for anyone that is serious about weight loss. The Superfruit Diet is not the holy grail of fat loss, but when used properly, it can provide amazing results. If you’re an individual that is going to the gym and eating clean, these foods will provide an even more drastic weight loss. Try some of these foods out today and see if all the buzz surrounding them is true!